UVerno 15

Mouth masks. You know, those things that became mandatory early 2020 as the Covid pandemic started spreading rapidly. Did you ever calculate the cost per year for supplying your co-workers with these PPM’s? Did you know you can actually reuse these masks in a safe way? We build a machine that does this by means of UV-C technology. We’ll keep this short and let you in on the key benefits :

  • Each mouth mask is returned to it’s previous user so no mix-ups between masks!
  • Easy to use, self-controlling machine, no specific operator knowledge necessary
  • Extremely low energy consumption (0,017Wh/mouth mask)
  • Very low maintenance cost
  • Reduction of the cost for new mouth masks by 80%
  • Reduction of the mouth masks waste volume by 80%

Interested? Contact us for more information, we’ll be happy to help you!